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A hallmark of educational leadership is engagement. It’s thoughtful, timely discussions. It’s action.

Educators across America are coping with the Russian invasion of Ukraine in and out of the classroom with students. At American colleges, where thousands of students are from Ukraine and Russia, educational leaders are making statements and holding teach-ins and vigils.

Dr. Jarvis Sanford of Chicago notes that a Fulbright program in both Ukraine and Russia is run by the United States to support research work, and the country also supports a teaching assistant award for Russian and Ukrainian citizens.

One of the Fulbright program’s objectives is to foster cultural dialogue and mutual understanding.

Such educational programs will likely carry on, as will open and honest discussions led by United States educational leaders in elementary schools all the way up to university campuses, as the invasion continues to have consequences around the world, according to

For the estimated 1,739 students from Ukraine and 4,805 students from Russia in the United States, American educational leadership will be powerful for the unforeseen future.

SHU Awards First Doctoral Degree in Educational Leadership

It’s a big first for Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut.

The college has awarded its first-ever doctoral degree in educational leadership to Marissa J. White from the Isabelle Farrington College of Education ; Human Development.

White’s dissertation focused on ways to support teachers of color, and she will be the first Black student to receive an Ed.D. from the college at spring commencement.

SHU’s educational leadership program is guided by a holistic approach to education, developing emotional, social, and academic leadership skills.

White, whose dissertation discusses the high number of teachers of color deciding to leave the education profession, is a pre-K through 5th grade assistant principal. SHU Vice Provost and Dean of Farrington College Michael Alfano said that White’s accomplishment set the bar very high for those who will follow her.

dr jarvis sanford chicago

Tenn. Governor Announces K-12 Education Funding Proposal 

A base of $6.6 billion in per-pupil funding is the centerpiece of Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee’s new proposal to bolster K-12 education funding in the state. 

The figure will help educate about 1 million public school students in the state and includes $1.8 billion in funds for students requiring extra help.

Also part of Lee’s plan: $376 million to improve literacy and strengthen technical education, as well as $100 million set aside to reward schools where students offer success in readiness for college and careers. 

If the plan is approved by the state legislature, Tennessee will be one of 39 students to function with a student-based funding model. The state ranks 44th nationally in education funding. 

Study: Field Trips May Lead to Better Class Performance 

Research from Brigham Young University backs an educational leadership approach that sees substantial benefits from field trips.

The study finds that students in fourth or fifth grade who attended three field trips scored higher on end-of-year exams, were absent less often, notched fewer behavioral punishments, and earned higher course grades than students who did not.

The strongest benefits were seen in students entering middle school. Don’t forget to get those permission slips signed.

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